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The great philosopher Aristotle once said:
“Quality is not an act.  It is a habit.”

Here at Techno-Swiss we believe that Precision and Accuracy are nothing without Quality Assurance.  That is why we have developed and employed an industry-leading Multi-step protocol and habit for Quality Control.

Along with the maintenance and recalibration of our tools and equipment, the procedures we have put in place ensures that the last component to be made is identical to the first one on any given production run.


We take great pride in the level of accuracy and dependability that
we are able to provide our clients in utilizing our Quality Control methods.

Every production run receives the same level of Quality Care to make certain that we produce a world class component for your end use.

Maintaining our ISO Certification if of great importance to us.  We will meet and exceed their standards to confirm that your product is of the highest grade, precise and accurate attainable.


Lastly, at the completion of the production, we follow additional rigorous procedures before packing and shipping the product to you.  Again, these include further multiple machine inspections and additional physical, human hand examinations.

Our Multi-step procedures include a series of checking every aspect of the production process.  Beginning with several technicians confirming the materials and specifications of the production. Once a verified consensus has been reached we will start with production.  We utilize the latest technology and equipment throughout the in process inspection. Most importantly, several technicians and engineers will hand inspect not only the initial production but several predefined intervals throughout the run.  We have found that the combination of hands-on, human inspection and machine measurement capabilities has created an environment for complete quality control that will eliminate any delays and certify that the product is of the highest accurate grade possible.  We never take short cuts when it comes to ensuring Techno-Swiss quality!


Your product will not leave our facility until all of our technicians and engineers are in full agreement that the components have passed and exceeded our meticulous protocol procedures.

Again, "Quality is not an act, it is a habit"


Our highly trained team of professionals adhere to our protocol habit and take great pride in knowing that we produce the finest, world-class component possible that will exceed your expectations.

When precision matters - you can count on

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”


– William A. Foster

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