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About Us

Techno-Swiss is an ISO 13485 Certified company that was
founded in 2012 and is located in Orange County, CA.

The founders of our company have extensive experience in manufacturing high-end, complex precision components and new product development. With over sixty years of combined
experience in the industry, the Techno-Swiss team is well versed in every aspect
of engineering, manufacturing and customer service.


Our Management Team


Mr. Andre Calame
President / CEO
Business Development


Prior to founding Techno-Swiss,
Andre achieved a successful
thirty year career in roles from
hands-on Engineer to Vice President
of Operations with Swiss-type precision component manufacturers.
Combining his education and experience,
Andre is considered an expert in this specific manufacturing process and is recognized for his keen approach to engineering, business development and customer service.


Mr. Mario Cervantes
Vice President of
Manufacturing Operations/
Materials Management


With over twenty five years of
experience with Swiss-type machines, lathes, grinders, laser micrometers, gauges, and every tool utilized in the industry as well as programing the computer operated systems, Mario
is key in managing the smooth
operation and success of the
Techno-Swiss business.  His detailed oriented nature and calm demeanor is ideal for the manufacturing of complex,  high-quality precision components.

Swiss-type manufacturing is a term that is normally associated with the precision and reliability of Swiss timepieces.  "Swiss-made" is seen as a mark of distinction around the world, as the Swiss have a long history of crafting incredibly accurate, durable, precise and long-lasting products.

Techno-Swiss has adopted these time honored philosophies and practices and have applied them to the manufacturing of any component that requires detailed, complex and precise construction.


We at Techno-Swiss take great pride in providing full service manufacturing of
all types of precision components for a wide variety or industries and businesses.

Our highly trained team of skilled and experienced Technicians and Engineers will provide the exactness and accuracy that is to be expected from our Swiss-type machinery, techniques and principles.


We source our raw materials from approved, traceable, trusted mills to ensure a high quality, durable,
long-lasting end product.

Only proven, reliable providers can give the guarantee of the finest of materials in manufacturing our products.

Our industry-leading multi-step Quality Assurance process ensures the accuracy of your specifications in developing complex parts and products. We provide comprehensive reviews of all aspects of developed components, testing and recalibration of machinery and equipment to maintain our Swiss-type commitment to production.


We work closely with you in assisting your business in the R&D process,
providing you with samples and prototypes to ensure your satisfaction
and on-target final production.

At Techno-Swiss, we value our customers and our relationships.  We are continually upgrading our procedures, equipment, training and education to provide the highest quality, technologically advanced, state-of-the art product for you, our customer, our #1 priority.

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