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Techno-Swiss ISO Certified

The Premier Manufacturer of Metal & Plastic Precision Components using Swiss-Type Turning Center Equipment


  •  Industrial

  • Commercial

  • Interconnect

When Precision matters - you can count on Techno-Swiss!
We are dedicated to providing the highest quality, durable instruments and components with Swiss-type accuracy and precision.

We manufacture products for a wide variety of industries that require a high level of detail in complex, reliable designs.
We specialize in the areas of Medical (Dental Implants, Orthopedic Devises, Surgical and
Ophthalmological Instruments and Tools)
, Industrial (Complex Tool Devices,
Precision Machine Components and Hardware Manufacturing)
Commercial and Interconnect Applications.
Let our highly trained and experienced team provide you with the assurance that your component will be produced in the most accurate, dependable, cost-effective manner possible.  Contact Us for a no obligation consultation of your design or schematic.
Your complete satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Swiss Type Precision

Utilization of Swiss Style Machinery, techniques and principles.

Accurate and reliable results for complex component manufacturing.

Quality Assurance

Industry-leading multi-step process

to ensure an accurate, precise production of finished component.

High Quality
Raw Materials

Sourced from trusted, traceable, approved mills to ensure the highest quality end product.


Highly skilled, intensively trained team of Technicians and Engineers.

Educated in all aspects of precision component manufacturing.

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